Terms & Conditions


Desert sky is Cattery NOT Petshop!!

• We prefer our kitten sold as a member of Family ( Pets ) & update us time to time about kittens
•Only catteries with hight potential can have the rights of breeding
•If the cat is not for breeding, it is sterilized for the comfort of the cat

Deposits are non-refundablel

  • The new owner must take care of the cat in an appropriate way (no cage life), feed him, look after him and insure him the sufficient veterinarian care (among others preventive vaccinations in regular intervals).
  • The kitten shall not be sold, leased or given to any pct shop or research establishment.
  • The kitten shall not be sold, given or donated to any person without the vendor’s prior knowledge and consent.
  • In the event of the purchaser(s) being unable to maintain the kitten, the vendor shall be informed and shall reserve the right to repossess the kitten at any age
  • Breeder guarantees that the Kitten has been wormed, vaccinated and examined by a qualified veterinary surgeon and found to be in good health at the time of tranfer.
  • The kitten/cat will never be permitted to roam outdoors unless accompanied by the owner.
  • Male cats cannot be used at public stud without the breeder’s permission.
Important : will you be able to face all these problems such as ( Diarrhea, Vomiting, and bleeding ) on carpet, bed, or any area ?, Hair-loss on clothes, bed. and furniture ? Usually hair-loss is active in new seasons, when the cat is scared, moving to new area, and not allowing the cat to get married will also, cause hairless.
Please make sure all family members agree to bring new kittens home & No one have allergic cat hair!!
we rise our kittens with love We wish they all the Best.
Much love.