" MEOW" No matter how bad your day is, your cat will always make you smile.



Khalid Al-Emadi is Qatari men who have full of love to kittens and have connection with breeder over the world. His passionate pursue drove produce the best litters falling under the title “the best and cuteness ever”.

If you are looking for quality luxury furry kittens We are so special, You already right place Welcome to desert sky cattery

DESERT SKY CATTERY based on middle east ..

Cats is passion and working with professional team have knowledge, Good take care, serious on vaccine and veterinary.

Desert sky cattery program selectively breeds aiming to achieve perfection of color, body, eyes, line of quality follow by International cat breeder rules as WCF, ICU, WAC all kittens focusing on every piece rather than whole.

Unique behaviors social character and friendly is The heart of Desert sky .


Desert Sky Cattery

   Desertskycattery was established in 2017, the first cattery in Qatar for British breed has a license from world cat federation (WCF) and international cat union (ICU). We are the official agent of different international centers and cattery of cats in Qatar and we have the finest types of cats word wide , the TOP QUALITY IN THE WORLD WITH CHAMPION FAMILY from Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and Europe Our kittens are raised with love, living in a suitable environment and they are provided with high quality food and good take care, all of them they are vaccinated and treated against parasites while kittens are in the nursery. Our mission is to provide the best luxury cats to bring your happiness for ever home, also to give you the right advice, follow with our customers the status of the cats and come up with all kind of support anytime through our customer service center.

Why Desertsky cattery ?






 While kittens are in the nursery, kittens are raised with love, as members of family We guarantee future owners advice on raising, keeping and showing your kitten’s career, we are happy to communicate with all the owners of our kittens. welcome!
We are always happy to answer all your questions! You happy is our happy.

Waiting List
Kittens availability, there are two options either being on a waiting list like “reserving your kitten” in advance or whenever there is an actual available kitten. Simply on availability or an advance waiting list so you reserve a spot from a specific parent that can be negotiable through Instagram: Cattery.Qatar,,contract 31300008 Or DM
To be confirmed your kittens we take Deposit 50% Please make sure no one in Family allergic of cats hair and please ask agreement of Family to have new lovely kittens. Reminder: sign up comes with fees, and is non refundable ! so please be sure about your decision before paying
How to Process

– Kittens can move to new Family after 3 months
– Certificate of WCF Or ICU Will register Under new owners name
– We do the contact between buyer vs Breeder

-Kittens come with vaccine
Check up with doctor
Check skin hair fungus
FREE (on Delivery day )
Cutting nails
Ear cleaning

We do shipping worldwide. The only extra fees charged,will be by new owners but yet for the shipping process. Shipping fees varies factors like season and airline chosen however, usually the range is around (500$-1500$) Furthermore, extra charges added if your country requires RTT (rabies titer test) that costs around 100-300$.


Thank you to choosing us to be part of your family.